Can I apply Antivet myself, outside of the dental office?

No, it is technique-sensitive and should be performed in conjunction with dental dam isolation in order to expose only the teeth being treated.


I´m a Dental Professional and offer the antivet treatment at my office, How the patients could found my dental office?

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Does Antivet damage teeth?

It is absolutely harmless to teeth due to the fact that its active components work specifically on the fluoride ions that cause the staining, it's innocuous and conservative towards the dental tooth structure.


Does Antivet remove all types of stains or is it limited to fluorosis staining?

Although Antivet was created to remove fluorosis staining, it is also capable of removing stains caused by smoking.


How many appointments or sessions will the treatment require for stain removal?

With only one session of approximately 20 minutes, depending on the severity of the stains.


Can the stain reappear?

No, fluorosis stains are formed when the tooth enamel is forming at an early age, an adult who later consumes large quantities of fluoride, may present other secondary effects but never fluoride stains because the enamel will have already been formed.


How many dental pieces, could i clean with Antivet kit?

You could clean of up to 25 dental pieces, depending of stain's severity.


There are any post-treatment recommendations?

Avoid dark drinks in the next 72 hours (Like soda, red wine, coffee, and smoking cigarette also).