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What is fluorosis?

The “mottled enamel” term is a description that has been used over time ti depict one of its most notable effects.

How Antivet® Kit Works?

  • Antivet Kit its the perfect ally for eliminate stains due tofluorosis, smoking cigarette or drinking dark sodas, wine and coffee.
  • Antivet® kit is also recommended as a pre ortho treatment to have better bracket adhesion in dental pieces affected by fluorosis.

  • Real Testimonials by Dentists

    It´s a wonderful product and patients leave in awe, thank you!"

    Guadalupe García Gutierrez DDS

  • Real Testimonials by Dentists

    “Excellent product, i´ve gotten great results"

    Jonathan Covarrubias, DDS.

  • Real Testimonials by Dentists

    “I´ve had some fluorosis cases where antivet® has left y
    patient and my selfastonished”

    Carlos Fernando, DDS.

  • Real Testimonials by Dentists

    “Antivet® is the best fluorosis treatment”

    Gloria Maldonado Gómez, DDS.

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